Thursday, April 18, 2013

Asking for Help is the Opposite of Giving Up

That's right.  Asking for help is NOT giving up - but it can sure feel like it.

As many of you know, in October of last year I was diagnosed with a DVT (blood clot in my calf/hamstring) that cascaded clots to my lungs (PEs).  It meant a lot of things - possibly a lifetime of taking blood thinners, tissue damage to leg muscles and lungs, difficulty exercising and depression.

The bottom line was I put on quite a bit of weight.  Overall I eat healthy with a couple of weak spots.  I have had sports nutrition training and know what I SHOULD do.  But I just wasn't able to rein in the weak spots and make a real commitment to weight loss (better health).  After several failed attempts at doing it myself, I called in reinforcements from the HealthEast Ways to Wellness team.

Wow, did I feel sheepish in doing that.  I'm a USA Triathlon certified coach after all.  I know what to do.  

After meeting with a Registered Dietician and getting an initial fitness assessment we've made just a couple of tweaks to my daily eating and BAM! I am hitting my calorie goals with little trouble.  The added accountability of knowing someone is looking over my shoulder makes it easier to stick to the plan.

It finally struck me that sometimes that's what I do for my athletes.  Some of them know a lot about training for triathlons.  The added accountability of knowing I'm reviewing their progress helps them stick to the plan - which has been especially difficult thanks to the Spring that won't begin.

Not asking for help and continuing on the wrong path - that's giving up.  Don't give up - ask for help.

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