Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tis the Season of Stress, Darkness and Maintenance

December may be the toughest month to be a triathlete in the Upper Midwest. The first local outdoor triathlon is almost 5 months away, there's less than 9 hours of daylight, and we've had some single digit temps (for highs). Throw in the additional social, work and family obligations combined with the dietary minefield of tins of cookies, eggnog, and parties and pretty soon you start to feel like your 2010 goals are slipping away.

There's one word to get you through the next 2 weeks - maintenance. It doesn't take a lot of exercise to maintain a given fitness level (or at least minimize loss). You might not have time for that 1-3 hour spin on your bike. A 30 minute ride with some intense intervals will help you stay in shape, burn off some of those cookies and provide a positive stress relief. You can apply the same principles to running or swimming. Shorter intense workouts will allow you to fulfill your seasonal obligations without major fitness setbacks.

Your family and coworkers will appreciate the additional energy and happiness you get from taking some time for yourself. Now get out there, get your workout in, you've got parties to attend or shopping to do or . . .

Monday, December 14, 2009

Make your 2010 New Year's Resolution Stick

Almost 50% of adults make New Year's resolutions. 1 in 4 don't last a week and 1 in 2 don't make it six months.

So you want 2010 to be the year that you really do get healthy, lose weight, get more fit, or get faster?

Tri something new! (pun intended, I mean look at the name of our company). If you've never done a triathlon go to Active or Trifind. Find a local race this summer and sign up. If you have done a triathlon, try (enough of the puns) a new distance. Find an Olympic, Half Iron or Iron distance race and register.

Now what have you gotten yourself into? You're not sure you can finish that race. PERFECT! Fear can be a great motivator. The second week in February when you're tempted to blow off that workout, or have that 3rd piece of pizza and a 2nd beer to wash it down, you might stop and think. "I can't do that I'm training for X and I'm not even sure I can do X."

You will find that there is a difference between working out and training. When you're working out it can be very easy to skip or short change a workout. (What's one spin class, or weight set, or run going to matter?) When you're training you're following a plan and in reality one workout won't matter, but it feels like it does and you won't be as tempted to cheat yourself.

Not coincidentally, if you're not sure you know how to get from January 1 to the finish line, Tri For It! Coaching is here to help. We also know that budgets are tight so we're offering a Resolution Sale - 15% off the monthly fees posted at

Friday, December 4, 2009

Ask Coach Rich

The Tri For It! Coaching blog is letting you take charge.

Have you got a burning tri related question? Send it to

If your question appears on the TFI blog you'll get a free Tri For It! Coaching running cap. Be sure to include your full name and address in the email if you want a cap. Also include a pseudonym if you don't want us to use your real name (e.g. Lost in Transition).

TFI will not use or share any of your personal information (other than to send you the cap). You don't need to be a TFI athlete - anyone is eligible.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ironman World Championship 2009 Promo Video

Check out the Ironman World Championship 2009 Promo video. NBC is carrying the replay on December 19 at 3:30 p.m. Central (check your local listings to confirm). Be sure to record it, too. It's great to watch while spinning on your trainer.