Monday, August 29, 2011

TFI Athlete Pete PRs at Chicago Oly

Want to know what a PR feels like?  Look at the grin on TFI athlete Pete (sporting his TFI hat and Chicago Oly bling).

It was Pete's first sub 3 hour Oly and given the tremendous size of the transition area no small accomplishment.  He even negative split the 10k.

Way to go Pete!  Enjoy today, tomorrow training continues for Texas 70.3.

Just in case, PR stands for personal record.

Coach Rich was the only other TFI athlete racing this weekend.  He apparently went head to head with this guy:

That's reigning World Champion Chris McCormack.  Macca was in town to race the TriStar111 event.  According to, after a bike issue he switched bikes and joined the Dare to Tri Sprint event along with Coach Rich.

"At the 1.5 mile mark on the run I heard somebody coming with a crazy fast turnover.  He flew by me.  I shouted 'Go Macca' - and he was gone."

The season is winding down in Minnesota.  Soon it will be time to start planning next year (and digging out the Yaktrax).  Enjoy every minute of it.