Monday, October 26, 2009

Calculating Lactate Threshold

This past weekend was a test for one of our TFI athletes. OB is taking a test to determine his lactate threshold (LT). What's an LT you say?

Physiologically it is the approximate point where your muscles start using an anaerobic process to create energy. The anaerobic process creates a lot of waste products including a hydrogen ion that causes the burning sensation in your legs at the end of a race. You can maintain an effort at this pace for around 60-90 minutes. (Aren't you glad you asked!)

We thought we would take this opportunity to talk about an easy way to figure out your running lactate threshold.

For an experienced runner, run a 5k. There's your answer. Of course it's not quite that simple.

Run a race that will take you between 20 and 30 minutes. For many people a 5k will fit the bill. The average heart rate that you maintain over the course of the race will be approximately 104% of your lactate threshold. It's important to maintain a steady effort or run negative splits in the race. You can't go out and blow up in the second mile and use your average.

OB had a great race and maintained a heart rate between 169 and 170. We conservatively put his LT at 162. We'll use this figure to set goal heart rates in all of his run workouts. In a few weeks he'll run another 5k and we'll compare both the heart rate and pace to see how he is improving.

What you will probably find if you do this test is that you have been running your long runs too fast and your speedwork too slow (unless you are already a TFI athlete). Armed with your LT you can stay aerobic on long and foundation runs and hit either your threshold or anaerobic goals on your fast days.

If only they gave out t-shirts at all your tests.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Congrats BK on TCM!

BK finished his first marathon this past weekend at the Twin Cities Marathon. Here he is pointing to his adoring fans.It wasn't easy, but he reached his goal of the finish line and is already talking about doing another one. How he'll fit it in with his plan to do at least 2 Half Ironman distance races we're not sure.

Way to go BK!

Friday, October 2, 2009

TCM Marathon

Tri For It! athlete BK is preparing to cap off a year of firsts on Sunday. In 2009 BK has completed his first Half Marathon and his first Sprint Tri. On Sunday he attempts his first full Marathon at the Twin Cities Marathon.

His training has gone superbly and he's reached the start line healthy. No small feat for us larger athletes.

Best of Luck BK - Coach Rich will be following you online while attending the USAT Coaching Clinic in Seattle.