Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Prevent Workout Interruptis

Triathletes rely on their equipment.  It's what attracts some of us to the sport.  Geeky gps watches, flashy bikes made of exotic materials, bright shoes named after English physicists.   Today my equipment failed.  Worse that that, I failed.  Failed to plan for that failure.

I went to the gym with 1 pair of goggles in my bag.  That's the last time that will happen.  I wouldn't start a training ride without replacement tube, CO2 cartridge and tire wrench.  Now I won't head out for a swim without backup goggles.  I don't think I'll carry this preparation so far as to carry an extra pair of speed laces on a run, but you never know.

Well at least I had a spectacular 267 yard warmup before they failed.