Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Get Over It! and Get After It!

It's time we get over whatever is holding us back and get after it. Props to Olympian Carrie Tollefson for the Get After It! - she uses that mantra on the track and in life http://www.ctollerun.com/

A couple weeks ago, our pastor was talking about how he used to work out, how his scale was loudly announcing that he needed to work out, and how the guilt over not working out was preventing him from starting back up.  He then related this to his faith, but for our purposes we'll stick with the working out portion of the message.

Guilt over past failures often prevents us from achieving future success.  Eat more than you wanted over the holidays, or at a Super Bowl party?  Already abandon those New Year's resolutions?  Is your bike and trainer collecting dust rather than sweat?  Get over it!  Your bike and trainer already have.  They are ready to take you back.  (You may need to brush off the dust and put a little lube on the chain - but then they'll be ready.)

At Tri For It! we take each athlete as they come - that is to say, we don't judge you for your past failings. 

One of the ways to get on the road to success is to have someone to whom you are accountable.  For some the fear of having to tell their coach or workout partner that they just didn't feel like training isn't worth the guilt.  It's just easier to do the workout.

And if you didn't do the workout (or several workouts) your coach isn't going to judge you.  He's going to work with you, remind you of your goals, examine why the workouts were missed, and adjust future training sessions to help you Get Over It! and Get After It!

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